In the supreme discipline, the LB film has over ten years experience. We will entertain you!

We make movies, that are thrilling, films where you cry with laughter or simply food for thought. The best films are the ones that you want to see again and again and we have set ourselves this task. Here is an extract from our projects.


KOPF ODER ZAHL kopfoderzahl_bd

“Life is what happens while you have other plans.”

24 hours in life of a handful of people who can not be more different. Yet the fate brings them together, lets their paths cross and diverge again. Decisive for life are not the plans, but the circumstances that compel one to act. This also has to learn the 12-year-old boy, from whose perspective the story is told.






The “Mudder” of all movies, still from the last millennium and nowadays a classic.

The three cool suburban gangster Kermet fertilizer, Ölcrem Drehcran and Lorenzo di Napoli break out of jail together. A gun has to be found, and off goes a rip-off tour at its best. Stupid Swabian grandmas, geeks and everything that moves gets flattened .







The Killerbees are musicians and gangsters. For Big Boss they pick up the coals out of the fire, and do the dirty work for him. They should snatch the military a microchip for a missile. Easy job, good money. But this time they are linked by their own people …








The Chaostage were considered demonstration against a proposal by the city of Hanover file for the registration of visually recognizable as punks and adolescents found in its most radical form in 1995 in Hanover. In different interview scenes to public figures like the actor Ben Becker and punks remember the accompanying street battles Chaostage including mingle fictional scenes that replicate the event.









WHOLETRAIN – the story of a crew of four graffiti writers – David, Tino, Elyas and Achim – who observe the scene with its own hierarchies, values, rules and the codes. Night after night they make off to decorate the subways of the city with its opulent images.









The directors and producers Benjamin Eicher and Timo Joh. Mayer had an unique opportunity for the major label Universal Studios USA to produce four documentaries last year. After a successful start in America and England, the 4 titles are now available in Germany. All documentaries were filmed using the latest 3D technology on all 5 continents.Universal Pictures

Enter with us the next dimension and get passionate.

With over 25 nature documentaries the LB Films is the leading film production company in 3D. We have explored the colorful world of the oceans, visited the dangerous expanses of savannah and met exotic animals in the dense jungle.  One thing we can guarantee: with 3D  you will also experience the varied world of nature up close.




No continent united so many habitats and landscapes, such as Africa. On gentle desert dunes to reject the vast expanses of savannah and finally the equator borders of impenetrable rainforest.

Join us on a journey through the history and culture of human cradle, join us on a journey through Africa.






Faszination Afrika

Faszination Afrika 3D

Africa, the cradle of humanity, the heart of our earth, the black continent, where the sun shines almost vertically from the sky. Fascinating landscapes, a unique, variety of wildlife that has adapted perfectly to the conditions, plants not found anywhere else in our world – a breathtaking diversity of species in a natural setting.






Wildnis 3D


Wilderness 3D displays last chance to see which animals are particularly at risk of extinction and how it could have happened, that now thousands of species are fighting for their existence. It’s still not too late to initiate the rescue of the species, but the more time elapses unused, the more difficult is the preservation of biodiversity.








In hundreds of dives in all oceans these spectacular images have been compiled by some of the most extraordinary inhabitants of our planet and with fascinating music and informative text.






Endloser Horizont


Amidst the dangerous beauty of the paradoxical diversity of jungles and everything scorching deserts is the cradle of mankind. Join us on a journey that will take you from the endless sandy seas of the North to the green river valleys of the south.








Ocean Predator_3D


In our seas lurks a dangerous species. An elemental force, which can be explained by nothing and no one stop: sharks. For millions of years they have the most amazing and deadliest features that a hunter can only imagine. But in addition to bull sharks, tiger sharks and the great white shark, there are other, equally dangerous predators. Join us in search of the most dangerous fighters of the seas. Recorded in stereokopischem Real 3D  this documentary is more authentic than anything previously seen before.








Sharks are the predators of the seas, pitiless, bloodthirsty, and they do not even before people stop! But is that true? If the shark actually the cruel creature, as we know it? And as our image of the shark was? All these questions “Sharks 3D” with the world-renowned Haispezialisten Erich Ritter and numerous excursions under water in search of the true essence of the terror of the seas, on the ground and will provide some insights into the cartilaginous fishes that your views will change from Hai fundamentally.






Delfine 3D


Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of small whales and be surprised by the latest findings of research! Together with the dolphin expert Dr. Karsten Brensing embark on the search for answers and go to the myth of the always smiling companions on the ground. Have you ever wanted to know why people rush dolphins in need for help? We’ll show you in exceptional 3D images!







Faszinierende Korallenriffe 3D

At first glance, everything is peaceful. But is it really? In this masterful 3D documentation, the sequel to the best-selling 3D fascination coral reef from producer Benjamin Krause, we see the cruel-looking side of the underwater world, perfectly captured in perfect focus and fully saturated color. Fascinatingly, the 3D effect.







Korallenriff 3D

Zwischen tausenden Inseln Indonesiens liegt ein entlegenes Naturparadies mit der artenreichsten Unterwasserwelt der Erde. Hier befindet sich die Inselwelt von Raja ampat. Sie liegt in der Grenzregion von vier aneinander liegenden Kontinentalplatten, verschiedenen Strömungen und unzähligen Vulkanen. Diese Lage schuf die Grundlage für eine bunte Artenvielfalt, die jedes Jahr neue Lebensformen hervorbringt.






Faszination Galapagos


Between thousand islands of Indonesia is a remote natural paradise with the most species-rich underwater world of the earth. Here is the archipelago of Raja Ampat. It is located in the border region of four abutting tectonic plates, various currents and countless volcanoes. This situation created the basis for a colorful diversity, the new forms of life brings every year.








In the Indian ocean 400 kilometers from the east coast of Africa, is the “sixth continent”: Madagascar. For millions of years the island is an insular and isolated habitat, which is unlike any other area on earth. Recorded in modern stereoscopic 3D takes you deep into the beauty of this documentation Madagascar.






Faszination Regenwald


Impenetrable, evergreen forests. Numerous animal and plant species. Tropical temperatures and large amounts of precipitation. All that is the fascination that emanates from the rainforests. Particularly exciting is the diversity of species that produce the rainforests. From large animals such as jaguars on monkeys that climb up to 60-meter-high trees, down to the smallest creatures as the leaf ants, this visit to the green rainforest – shot in stereoscopic real 3D – it’s an experience that won’t be forgotten.






Faszination Amazonas


We went into one of the richest natural areas of the world. The Amazon basin offers not only the most diverse animal and plant worlds, the river and its tributaries are also full of mysteries and legendary stories. You will experience a symbiosis of diverse animal and plant species. Reptiles are in Amazonia as numerous found as birds of all kinds. You will be fascinated by the probably longest and largest river of the world, and 4.2 million square kilometers of rainforest.






Schwimmende Gärten von Phantasia


The floating gardens of Phantasia, take you on the journey to the end of the world to a place that could not be more fantastic. Once a year the large rain transformes an entire landscape in a water spectacel of the wonderful nature! Come accompanied with floating on a journey of beautiful gardens with music for dreaming.








Each year, an animal goes on its more than 3,000-kilometer journey to his winter quarters. Every year it flies from the Great Lakes in North America up to the Sierra Nevada in Mexico over mountains, through winds and storms, to hibernate and to secure the survival of the next generation. This documentation accompanies the 20-gram insect on his way and reveals this fascinating and unique insights into the behavior of the butterflies fluttering in your living room thanks of excellent 3D.






Puppen Theater in 3D


Christmas is the best time of the year. And yet it is always a challenge to have time for Christmas Eve adorne the tree and prepare the room. Even by grandpa Franz there is much to do … This heartwarming Christmas story comes now as a puppet show in 3D to your home! Thanks to the great 3D effects, the lovable characters step into your living room and prepare young and old to match the holiday season a lot of fun.






Our Universe_3D


Die Sterne am Firmament haben die Menschheit schon zu Urzeiten fasziniert. Zu Recht, denn dort oben liegt der Ursprung unseres Lebens. Jedes Atom unserer Erde stammt aus dem All, aus der Zeit, als die Sonne durch eine gigantische Explosion entstand.  Topmoderne Technik sorgt bei “Our Universe 3D” dafür, all diese Phänomene in spektakulärer Optik ins heimische Wohnzimmer zu holen. Das 3D-Team hinter dem Oscar-Kandidaten “Pina” bringt Sie den Sternen so nah, wie es keine Dokumentation zuvor getan hat.






Las Vegas 3D


Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas! The completely turned in stereokopischem 3D Real 3D documentation will take you directly to the city of unlimited possibilities!

Be in the middle of the most exciting buildings in the world probably about to see background information on the largest hotels in the world and take a stroll through the highest hotel density in the world. The Strip in Las Vegas comes in real 3D to your home!















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